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Health should be a joy, not a burden.

Joy of Health’s purpose is to help you feel better and enjoy life again!

Do you have:

  • Chronic Joint Pain?
  • Autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s or Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  • Chronic Illness such as Diabetes or High Cholesterol?

Would you like to address the root cause rather than just “manage it”? Would you like to use more natural treatments and reduce or avoid prescription meds or surgery? Joy of Health is the comprehensive, personal experience you are looking for!

“Dr. Galloway works to find what is really wrong”  EC – Dundee

“Dr. Galloway partners with her patients to achieve their health goals and treats everything from injuries/joint pain and common illness to acute and chronic diseases. Our family is grateful for her care and we highly recommend her.”  DB – Newberg




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Joint Pain Relief at Last!

Joy of Health is now offering Regenerative Medicine! Regenerative Medicine is a natural treatment that stimulates your body’s healing mechanisms to repair damaged joints and provide lasting pain relief. It is ideally suited to chronic, severe joint pain. —— In this treatment, healthy cells and natural growth factors are injected into your joint. These cells and growth factors activate your body’s healing mechanisms to repair the damaged cartilage and joint. Your joint becomes healthier and you have little to no pain. Call Joy of Health Naturopathic Clinic today to explore how Regenerative Medicine can help relieve or eliminate your joint pain.

“I talked to Dr. Mary Galloway about stem cell therapy and I proceeded to start the therapy with her. The pain has been reduced to where I no longer need to take NSAIDs! I am thrilled with the outcome so far!”  PB – Lafayette


Now Available – PRP Facials For Younger Looking Skin, Naturally!

Age is a state of mind, but does your skin say “I’m young at heart and vibrant!” or does it say “I’m tired and I need a nap.”?  Do cosmetic surgery or Botox injections seem too drastic?  Is there a natural treatment that is subtle and effective?  PRP serum skin treatments are now available at Joy of Health! Click here for more information.