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Are You One of the 7 Million People in the US Who Doesn’t Know They Have Diabetes?

  • Posted on Oct 11, 2017

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CD), 29 million in the US have Diabetes. 1 in 4 (more than 7 million people) don’t know they have it.1 To put that in perspective, the number of people who have Diabetes would populate Portland 45 times over. And of those people, the number who don’t know it would populate Portland more than 10 times over!

In addition, 86 million people have Pre-Diabetes. That’s 1 in 3 people! If you are hanging out with two friends, there’s a chance one of you has Pre-Diabetes. Without diet changes and moderate exercise, as many as 30% of these people (over 25 million) will develop Diabetes in 5 years.1

Why Should I Care About Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes?

“So my blood sugar is a bit high, what’s the harm in that?” you ask. Diabetes is more than high blood sugar. It affects the whole body. You are at higher risk for vision loss (blindness), heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, poor wound healing, poor circulation leading to removal of toes, feet and legs, and dying early. Do you really want to become blind, one-legged, have open sores that won’t heal and be unable to get around because your heart can’t pump enough blood to your muscles?

“I can just take the medications or insulin and be fine, right?” you ask. Many people use medications and/or insulin to keep their blood sugar in control. But these are not license to continue to eat poorly and not exercise. Medications and insulin can be very expensive, even if you have insurance. They can also have undesirable side effects. A customized program of good diet, exercise and medications or supplements is the best way to manage and possibly reverse Diabetes.

Pre-Diabetes is a warning sign that you may develop Diabetes if you don’t improve your diet and exercise routine. Your blood sugar is just starting to become off balance, so diet and exercise along with weight loss may be all that is needed to avoid Diabetes. Again, a custom approach to diet and exercise is the best way to manage Pre-Diabetes.

So How Do I Find Out If I have Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes and What Do I Do About It?

A simple set of blood tests, Fasting Blood Glucose and Hemoglobin A1c, will tell you if you have Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes.

At Joy of Health Naturopathic Clinic, Dr. Galloway will run the tests and perform physical exams to determine if you have Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes. If you do have Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes, together, you will develop a unique combination of diet, exercise, supplements and prescription medications to meet your goals. As your health needs change, Dr. Galloway will work with you to make appropriate adjustments to your program.


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