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Help for High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is more than a number – it’s a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.  Unfortunately, most people cannot feel high blood pressure, so it’s important to have it checked periodically.  If you don’t have your own blood pressure cuff, you can stop by your favorite pharmacy and use the blood pressure

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Winter Dy Skin

For those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, wet, damp weather is a fact of life.  So why do we still have dry skin?  Dry skin can be caused by either the environment or internal factors.  Let’s look at the causes and what you can do about them. How the Environment Dries

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Avoiding Yeast Infections

How Do I Know if it is a Yeast Infection? Yeast infections are usually caused by Candida yeast.  It likes to live in moist, warm, dark areas – this includes skin folds, your mouth (AKA Thrush) and your “private parts.”  Babies, men and women can get yeast infections, but women are more prone to

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