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Pumpkin Power! – Don’t just carve them, cook them!

Halloween is around the corner and families across the country are designing costumes, planning parties, making treats and, of course, carving Jack-O’-Lanterns. Pumpkins are everywhere! Most people look at pumpkins as something to carve for fun with the kids or to use as a popular filling for pie at Thanksgiving … but there’s more

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A Time to Focus on Being a Better Self

Soon it will be January, 2018, a time to focus on being a better self. This may include: − Making healthier eating choices − Exercising more − Adopting healthier attitudes. You, or your family or friends, may be thinking of losing weight, and keeping it off, in 2018. As a member of your health

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Is My Stress/Fatigue Normal?

The holidays are upon us – time to put your already overworked life into overdrive! Work, shopping, household chores, parties, pageants, cooking, more shopping, dinners – how can we keep up with it all? According to the American Psychological Association, 44% of Americans feel their stress has increased in the last 5 years. In

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