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It’s Good to be Bitter!

A bitter is an herb or plant that stimulates digestion.  When you eat it, the bitter taste stimulates your taste buds which stimulates your pancreas, liver and gall bladder. Examples include dandelion leaves, burdock leaves and hops. Who Needs Bitters? People with indigestion or heartburn: Heartburn is more often caused by not enough stomach

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Help for High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is more than a number – it’s a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.  Unfortunately, most people cannot feel high blood pressure, so it’s important to have it checked periodically.  If you don’t have your own blood pressure cuff, you can stop by your favorite pharmacy and use the blood pressure

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Pumpkin Power! – Don’t just carve them, cook them!

Halloween is around the corner and families across the country are designing costumes, planning parties, making treats and, of course, carving Jack-O’-Lanterns. Pumpkins are everywhere! Most people look at pumpkins as something to carve for fun with the kids or to use as a popular filling for pie at Thanksgiving … but there’s more

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