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Age = Health?

I’m sure you know elders who are very healthy and active and some who are less healthy and more sedentary. So how can you stay or become healthy as you grow older? It’s Not Too Late I have heard one quote that what you do today is how you will be 20 years from

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Cold and Flu Season – Are You Prepared?

Normally I would not be blogging about the upcoming cold and flu season so early. So why this year? We live in a global society – whether we like it or not, what happens in other parts of the world can have a significant impact on us. According to news reports1, the flu is

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Making Healthcare More Joyful

Hello everyone, I am excited to let you know that I am a guest on the HealingWaze podcast for 7/6/19: https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-umuv3-b6b5fd As many of you know, it is my purpose to help as many people as possible be healthy.  Please check out the podcast and share it with everyone you know.  And be sure

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