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Learn How Non-Opioid, Natural Pain Relief Treatments Can Help Control Pain Effectively and Safely

  • Posted on Jan 16, 2018

Almost everyone has heard that we are in the midst of an opioid addiction epidemic. There are almost 2 million people in the US dependent upon or abusing prescription opioids. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people who are prescribed an opioid for long-term non-cancer pain relief will struggle with an addiction to it.1 You or someone you know who may be trying to reduce or eliminate their opioid or other pain reliever use while managing their pain.

Pain is not the enemy – it is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. The body is asking you to address the root cause of the pain, not to simply mask it. Dr. Mary Galloway from Joy of Health Naturopathic Clinic will be giving a free lecture to help you understand the many possible causes of pain and how a Naturopathic Doctor can help you find the root cause of your pain. Once you understand what is happening in your body, you can use self-care and natural medicine to help reduce or resolve the cause of your pain and, in return, reduce or eliminate the use of pain relievers. The lecture will be February 13th, 7-8 pm at the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg.

Joy of Health Naturopathic Clinic is located at 470 Villa Road in Newberg. The clinic’s mission is to help you feel better, heal faster and enjoy life again. Dr. Galloway, a long-time Newberg resident, graduated from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She uses natural therapies such as nutritional support, dietary supplements, food sensitivity testing, hydrotherapy and frequency-specific microcurrent. All treatments are individualized to support your health goals and needs and to complement therapies from other practitioners.

New patient appointments are one hour long.

1 Center for Disease Control, August, 2017.