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More Time – Less Stress – More Health

  • Posted on Jun 6, 2019

Who has enough time?  Our days are filled from the moment we wake up until we collapse into our beds at night.  And the idea of adding doctor appointments to your todo list may be too much.  But who has time to travel to the office, sit in the waiting room, see the doctor, travel back?  Since Joy of Health’s motto is “health should be a joy, not a burden”, we are taking the burden out of going to the doctor – introducing Telemedicine!

What is Telemedicine?

In a telemedicine visit, you are live with Dr. Galloway via your computer or smart phone.  And you can see and talk to each other in real time.  Because Joy of Health is located in Oregon, there are a few requirements to be able to use Telemedicine:

  1. You must be a resident of Oregon.
  2. You must be somewhere in Oregon at the time of the visit and be able to have a private conversation.
  3. Joy of Health needs a valid email address in order set up the logistics for the visit.
  4. You must see Dr. Galloway in person one time per year.

So easy!

What to Expect

Before your visit, you will receive an email with your logon information.  When you log on, you will be connected just like when you taken a webinar, but the connection is encrypted for privacy.  And the visit is similar to a regular visit, just long distance. If Dr. Galloway prescribes any specialty supplements, you will be able to purchase them online through the Fullscript pharmacy. Then you pay your bill at the end of the visit and you’re done!  No travel time!

How to Get Started

To schedule a Telemedicine appointment, go to:

www.joyofhealthclinic.com/patient-portal/ and select “Follow-up Visit – Telemedicine”.  We will take it from there.


Joy of Health’s Telemedicine visits help you save time, reduce stress and be healthy.