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The Re-Emergence of Trust

  • Posted on Apr 12, 2019

Today’s blog is a reprint of an article I wrote in 2014. I feel the subject of trust is very relevant in today’s medical community. Health is not always about the latest herb research or diet, but about how the relationships between doctors and patients can impact a person’s ability to heal.

The Re-Emergence of Trust

Today a person’s word has little value; a handshake is simply a greeting. They are no longer contracts between two people. We have become a distrusting society, requiring everything in writing. Resumes must be submitted and verified. Contracts and dealings must contain paragraphs of legal protections and must be reviewed by lawyers. How did we become so leery of everyone around us? I believe that distrust starts when we make a promise and don’t keep it. It starts with forgetting your daughter’s recital and escalates into missing a client’s critical deadline.

We are born with nothing but our name. If we do not honor it, we cannot trust ourselves. If we do not trust ourselves, how can we trust anyone else? This starts the downward spiral of distrust in our personal circles and in our society. When our word and handshake are suspect, we encourage distrust.

In order to reverse the spiral of distrust, we need to make personal changes. We need to hold ourselves to a higher standard – always keeping our word even when others don’t. It starts with being accountable for our actions at all times:

  1. Promise results that you truly feel you can achieve
  2. Communicate promptly as soon as you know a result will not be as promised
  3. Honor yourself as well as others.

Being a trustworthy individual is contagious. Those you deal with will feel honored by your actions and will try it with others. Hopefully contracts will become limited to defining the requirements of the project, not enforcing honesty. Only then can trust begin to spread throughout society.