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Winter Dy Skin

  • Posted on Feb 8, 2019

For those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, wet, damp weather is a fact of life.  So why do we still have dry skin?  Dry skin can be caused by either the environment or internal factors.  Let’s look at the causes and what you can do about them.

How the Environment Dries Your Skin

  1. Heat: Furnaces, heating stoves and space heaters can all dry the air in your home and office. As your skin dries, it flakes. The flakes increase the surface area of your skin, making you lose even more moisture.
  2. Frequent Hand Washing: We are exposed to many more people who are sick in the winter.  So, we wash our hands more often, drying them out.
  3. Exposure to Cold Breezes Outdoors: Cold breezes move across uncovered skin, pulling moisture. This is great in the summer, where it cools us, but not so good in the winter.

Treat Dry Skin in Three Steps

  1. Use Moisturizers: Moisturizers put a protective barrier between your skin and dry air. One easy way to do this is to leave the conditioner in your hair while your finish your shower.  Rinse your hair as the last step – the conditioner will leave a fine film all over your body for a quick moisturizer.
  2. Increase Skin-Friendly Nutrients: Increase your intake of Vitamin A (think deep green leafy veggies) to support your skin. This is especially true if you notice small bumps on the back of your arms.  Increase your intake of fish or fish oil supplements to help keep your skin elastic and protected from dry air.
  3. Cover Your Skin: Cover your hands and head to prevent the outside cold air from dehydrating your skin.  Wear lighter gloves and scarves on cool days and heavier gloves and scarves on colder days.

Dry skin is common in the winter, no matter where you live. Taking a little care will help keep your skin moist and healthy.

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