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Arthritis – Is It Possible To Be Have Less Pain and Be Able To Move Around Easier?

  • Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Arthritis (osteoarthritis) affects 350 million Americans. If you have Arthritis, you know it is a pain! When you have arthritis, the cartilage in your joints weakens or deteriorates and the bones in the joint no longer slide across each other easily and painlessly. Eventually, your bones will begin to rub directly against each other, causing pain and reducing movement. It is difficult to move about, do daily activities and enjoy life. So you ask, “Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain, get around easier and enjoy my life more?” There is!

Pain is not the enemy; it is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. If we mask the pain with pain relievers, we have not done anything to address the root causes of the Arthritis pain. Root causes can include wear and tear on joints due to cartilage degeneration, poor body mechanics or being overweight; it can also be caused by inflammation due to poor diet or environmental toxins.

Self-care and targeted natural treatments can help reduce the pain and may even help reverse Arthritis. A customized program that includes a good diet, low-impact exercise, gentle physical medicine, detoxification, and medications or supplements can put you in control of managing and possibly reversing your Arthritis.

Dr. Mary Galloway is giving a free lecture entitled “Arthritis: Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility with Self-Care and Natural Medicine” at the Chehalem Cultural Center, January 9th, 7-8 pm. She will explore self-care techniques and natural medicine treatments for Arthritis. For more information, call Joy of Health Naturopathic Clinic at 503-554-5865.