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Spring Cleanse

It’s Spring!  Time to open the windows, clean up the yard and, yes, do a Spring Cleanse.  Why cleanse?  We are exposed to many chemicals, toxins and unhealthy products in our air, food, and water.  Many of us work at jobs that expose us to toxins.  And if you commute, you are exposed ever

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Healthy Inflammation Response Inflammation is necessary to trigger healing.  But long-term inflammation can be the cause of many chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease and joint pain. Ways to Support a Healthy Inflammation Response Diet: Avoid sugars, soft drinks and artificial sweeteners. Sugar, in all its forms, and artificial sweeteners can cause

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Help for High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is more than a number – it’s a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.  Unfortunately, most people cannot feel high blood pressure, so it’s important to have it checked periodically.  If you don’t have your own blood pressure cuff, you can stop by your favorite pharmacy and use the blood pressure

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