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Pain Programs

Whether your pain is due to a recent injury that doesn’t want to heal or to long-time joint degeneration, we have a program for you. We will assess your pain and prescribe a combination or nutrition, supplements, Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Regenerative Medicine that is right for you.

“I initially contacted Dr. Galloway because I had been suffering from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis pain for years. Within days my swelling and pain had diminished and they have not returned.” * CS – Newberg

Chronic Illness Programs

Chronic illness is more than your day-to-day symptoms. There are underlying root causes that, if not addressed, will not allow you to feel your best. We will take a comprehensive physical exam and health history and work with you to find and address these root causes. We will then create a personalized plan to reach your health goals.

“Both my cholesterol and sugars had elevated numbers, so Dr. Galloway recommended I take two supplements. 6 months later, not only had my cholesterol gone down over 30 points, but my previously elevated sugars were lower.” * LH – Newberg

Autoimmune Programs

Autoimmune disease is a combination of debilitating symptoms and a dysregulation of your immune system. At Joy of Health, we will treat the whole you, including relieving symptoms and addressing the needs of your immune system so it functions optimally. We use nutrition, whole food supplements and Frequency Specific Microcurrent as part of your unique treatment plan.

“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2013. After less than a year on some healing protocols that Dr Galloway recommended, I have reduced my thyroid meds by nearly half with significant improvements in my thyroid bloodwork numbers along with real improvement in my energy and stamina.” * DB – Newberg

*Your results may vary.

Personal Regenerative Serum Skin Treatments

Personal Regenerative Serum Skin Treatments stimulate your body’s healing mechanisms to repair aging skin.  A sample of your blood is taken to create your own Personal Regenerative Serum, containing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Your skin is then micro-needled to create micro “injuries”.  Your Personal Regenerative Serum is applied and  the concentrated active platelets and growth factors are absorbed into the skin.  The serum initiates the regeneration of more youthful looking skin. The micro-needle and unused Serum are yours to take home to apply weekly for up to 3 months.  There is not need to take time off to recover from surgery. The results are subtle and effective.  This treatment is ideal for minor to medium wrinkles, laugh lines, and dull-looking skin.