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Spring Cleanse

  • Posted on Mar 17, 2019

It’s Spring!  Time to open the windows, clean up the yard and, yes, do a Spring Cleanse.  Why cleanse?  We are exposed to many chemicals, toxins and unhealthy products in our air, food, and water.  Many of us work at jobs that expose us to toxins.  And if you commute, you are exposed ever longer.  So how do you know if you should cleanse and how do you do it?

Who Should Cleanse?

  1. Hair dressers, nail artists and tanning salon personnel: Each of these professions uses chemicals or devices that can introduce toxins into your body. I encourage a cleanse 2 times per year.
  2. People who live in urban areas or near major roadways: You live with higher levels of toxins than those living in rural areas.  Depending on where you live, I recommend doing a cleanse 2-4 times per year – once for each season.
  3. Factory workers, farm workers and pesticide/fertilize professionals: You may be exposed to the highest amount of toxins of anyone I can think of.  I recommend doing a cleanse 4 times per year – once for each season.

Tips for Cleansing

  1. Be sure your body is ready: Your body must be able to effectively eliminate the toxins as you try to get rid of them. Start by increasing your fiber intake to help absorb and eliminate toxins. Take a liver support supplement to help process released chemicals and keep them from re-circulating in the body. If you have any health conditions or are taking any medication, check in with your health professional first.
  2. Eat plenty of whole organic veggies, fruits and grains: A cleanse is not a fast.  Be sure to eat the cleanest foods you can find during this time. Eat little to no meat to ease the burden on your digestive system and give it a chance to clear out toxins and waste.
  3. Drink filtered or purified water only: Water will help flush toxins and waste materials out of the body via the kidneys and colon. Stay away from coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks during your cleanse. They will reduce the effectiveness of the cleanse.

A cleanse can be from 1 to 10 days long.  If you are new to cleansing, try a 2-day cleanse on a weekend. Starting small and being successful is better than doing a long, arduous cleanse and never doing it again. Every step counts towards being your healthiest self.


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